What is RSS Feed?

There are lot of information’s around the world which are not easy to keep the track of all like blogs, sports, news etc. Need some help to manage all the updates with less effort.

It can be described in another way, if anyone often follow any particular site like news channel but he would not aware when the news site will post updated news, for this you have to open the same site several time till get the updated news. This will really frustrated as always having to type in their address and time-consuming.

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This problem can be solved by RSS, was born on 1997 by Dave Winer , It’s very important to know about RSS. By using this feature anyone can save their time.

We have seen several times the little orange icon in many websites, it is a way to getting all your favorite information collected into one place rather than you have search the web everyday trying to find it.

Using RSS Feed feature you can subscribe the website and delivers the updates to you. RSS Feed is important for those webmaster who updates their site on regular interval and wish to inform their subscribed user.

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How does RSS works ?

These days webmaster has been using RSS in their web and already mentioned how it useful to readers. How it can help to increase your daily productivity? Go head and get knowledge how anyone can use new feed which save time by scanning all your favorite news headlines from one site to thousand of other websites around the world. You can get news from lot of different sites and gathered in one place. Basically webmaster make a list of notifications on their sites in a standard way generally termed as “RSS Feed”.

Another important features of RSS Feed is, it arrange the updates in chronological orders means automatically the latest news will popup at the top and older one move at the bottom. In this way you get the latest information at the top and make your life easeful. Earlier Google had Google reader application but it has been stopped now by Google. But there are lot of application are available which provides fast browsing for news and updates.

W3school explained how RSS Feed work in simple language.

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