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What is VideoMakerFX?

VideomakerFX software basically a desktop software.

Thorugh this software you can create amazing videos in few clicks. This can be done by anybody like online marketers, video designers etc.

VideoMakerFX software that promises to help you easily make professional style videos that some of the biggest corporation have been using and you know some of the most successful internet marketer have using to create really compelling and attractive videos that get people attention and to take action.

This software that essentially allows you create animated character videos in different presentation style video and also whiteboard drawing style videos which are very very popular these days especially with info products and they can also be useful for product demonstration and you know educational type presentation and there’s many many uses of it.

The biggest benefits of the video maker software is that it allows you to very easily create these video because it comes with built in templates that basically just have to edit some the elements of the template such as text and color and things like that just choose different element and it helps you pump out these videos really quickly in a very short time

Quick Your of VideoMakerFX Software

So lets take a quick tour of this software to see how it works and if it can actually help you increase your traffic & earnings:

Choose Your Slide

Once you install this software (which takes just a few minutes) and you can start making your video or presentation for any product.

Basically, this software has 240+ different ‘slide themes’ with different characters and emotions that you can use. Your videos is nothing more than a bunch of these different slides you choose and each slide is editable as per your requirement.

In the screenshot below, you can see a sample of the different types of ‘slide themes’ available. As you can see, we’re selecting the ‘Character Anna – Slide 1’ theme


After selecting a slide theme and click on ‘Add Slide’, it gets reflected and added to your video timeline. Here’s how the ‘Character Anna -Slide 1’ theme looks:

Perfect, so now lets have a look at some of the ways you can customize or edit a slides very effectively.

Modify Texts

In the screenshot below, the “Texts” tab is highlighted and you can see all the different things you can manipulate with the text:

You can see in the above screenshot, to change the font, the alignment, the size, the color and special effects of the text. Play with it and see the changes which suits your requirements.

Modify Images

Images can be added from your local disk to each slide and modified in a different ways:

As you can see screenshot above that you can scale up the image, add a different background image and much more.

The slide you’re seeing above is a ‘whiteboard’ style slide, so the hand (in animated) will actually drop the image into the video dynamically which makes the video presentable.It looks really cool.

Modify Shapes

Now lets take a look at the “Shapes” tab:

Most the various slide themes have ‘shapes’ inside of them. You can easily customize these shapes through this tab.

Choose Animations

Most of the slide templates also support animated effects:

Animated things like flying arrows, text boxes that flip and much more. The animations are already built-in for easiness, you just simply have to choose which one you want to use and apply it.

Above, the ‘animation’ effect is the white arrow flying in from top to bottom. The nice thing is, you don’t have to design these animations yourself. They are already available for you to use in each slide.

So lets say that you’ve added a bunch of different slides and customized them quickly, here’s the full video timeline you’ll see inside the software:

As you can see above, each slide runs for a given number of ‘seconds’ that you specify. Together, all these slides work together to produce your full video. Through this way you can create any excellent video and incorporate your voice as well. 

Remember, these are the 4 elements you can customize on each and every slide:

  • Texts
  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Animations

Each slide template has Texts, Images, Shapes & Animations built into it. All you have to do is quickly customize these elements.

Now you’ve seen how this software works effectively that allows you quickly flood the top video sharing sites with lots of engaging videos to increase your Traffics, Leads and Sales.

And another huge benefit is being able to produce all these videos with virtually zero learning curve and at an extremely low cost, which allows you to focus even more on increasing traffic & earnings.

Some of the many Ways VideoMakerFX Will Boost Your Income & Business…

  • Make INCREDIBLE Videos To Sell Your Products and Services!
  • Promote Affiliate Offers and Easily Stand Out From The Rest!
  • Make Easy Product Reviews, Amazon Reviews and Guides!
  • Sell Videos To Other Businesses Willing to Pay Hundreds to Thousands 
  • Build your list, build your Authority!
  • Captivate and Engage Your Audience With Your Videos.
  • Grow Your Traffic! With The Power of YouTube and a Great Video!

You Can Quickly & Easily Make…

  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Affiliate Review Videos
  • Amazon Product Review Videos
  • Offline Business Promotion Videos
  • Videos From Text Articles
  • Express Video Sales Letters
  • Business Presentation Style Videos
  • Amazing Photo Slideshows
  • Logo Intros & Stingers

Let me know your review/comment/suggestion. Which Video creation have you used?


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