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As we know how to register a domain name, web hosting and submission of XML sitemap to Google search console. Now go ahead and learn in depth more about search console.

Register your domain name – Bluehost

What is Google Search Console?

Search console is FREE tool by Google enables the webmaster, site owner, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) professionals monitor the performance of site. This tool allow us to check the report card of our site. Through this report, webmaster can assess the progress of site and take necessary action if anything goes wrong (inform through search console options).

You will get an idea what keywords visitor use in search engine and how they interact with your site. Even you can get detail information of clicking per URLs, blocked URLs and so on  using different options of search console.

It always recommends to verifying a site and submit an XML sitemap to search console. Search console works for both mobile and website applications.

Benefit of using Google Search Console

  • Monitor and check the behavior of changes in site – Fetch tool
  • Monitor the pages you want to crawl – submitting sitemap
  • You can check the site error, broken pages, malware warning and so on
  • Monitor the page you don’t want to crawl using robots.txt
  • Monitor the number of pages get indexed (increase/decrease)
  • Monitor the total number of clicks through different filters like ‘Pages’ , ‘Countries’ ‘Devices’ and so on

Above points are some basic benefits.

Setup Google Search Console

First you must log into your google account. There are different way to sign in – Gmail, Google+ (any google account).

Now open the URL and login with google account.

You will get home page search console page, enter a site URL and click on “Add Property



# Method 1: HTML Tag

Google ask to verify your site by choosing any method. For WordPress user, select “Alternate Methods”  and copy the meta tag (selected yellow portion ONLY).

Note: Assuming WordPress user have already installed the Yoast plugin. It is the easiest method for verification of site. 


Now navigate Yoast: SEO –> General –> Webmaster Tools, now paste the copied meta tag in “Google Search Console” textbox and save changes.



Once you saved the changes, again go back in search console setup page, click the “Verify” button.



Finally google verified your site.


I recommend you to follow above steps, but Google also provide some more methods to webmasters for site verification via domain name provider and so on. I followed only above method.

# Method 2: Domain name provider

Verification can be done via Domain name provider. You have to login to your domain name provider. In my case, Bluehost is domain name provider. You can also register the domain name and web hosting in Bluehost.


Before selecting this method, you have to verify your domain name in Bluehost by sending the payment detail like photo of credit card (back and front side). No idea about others domain providers.

Follow the google steps and verify your site via this methods.

Please share your experience, what process you adopt to site verification? 


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