Hueman theme: Reduce header size



Hueman theme is very popular theme among WordPress users for creating attractive blog and magazine sites. This theme have a variety of options. Each options in admin panel described well and easy to use.

This site is also using Hueman theme and I observe the size of header is little bit big. Even many webmaster post a issue about the size of header in wordpress forum. Finally I could find the solution to reduce the size of header of Hueman theme and like to share with you.

Just go through the following steps and adjust the header size.

As you can see the default size of header in below screenshot.

By default header size


Now go to wordpress dashboard and select ‘Appearance –> Editor’


Select ‘Stylesheet’ Style.css


Find the “Section: Header” in the code.

Header - code

Edit the line of code with 0px, see below screenshot.


save the code and  refresh the page and check the header.

Let me know your experience after following above steps.

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