How to submit XML sitemap to Google search console

When you start creating websites always think about the way to reach your site more people. Dream of every webmaster to make their site popular. Submit XML sitemap to Google Search Console ( earlier it was Google webmaster tool) is the easiest and convenient way to make your site popular. It is free tool and make your site visible to readers.

What is XML Sitemap ?

After verification of your site, submit the XML sitemap is also very important. What does XML sitemap means? Simply, It is a XML page contained the complete structure/URLs of your site.

You can open the XML file Like “” and find below details

  • All URLs path(posts , pages and category) and date of last modification
  • Number of Images/videos per URL

Why is it necessary? because then XML sitemap push the Google search engine to start indexing and crawling your site or can say it develop a bridge between your site and search engine. It’s always a good practice to submit XML sitemap to Google search console of your any new site.

Search engine pick your site when anyone searched the query or keywords which are present in your website. Like if user enter the query : ” indexing and crawling the site” in search engine, google start searching the pages of different websites which have these keywords and display in result. But remember there are so many factors google follow before displaying output in the result like site ranking, quality content of the site and so on.

Basic features of Google search console are

  • Pages crawled per day
  • Kilobytes downloaded per day
  • robots.txt Tester
  • Fetch as Google
  • Search Analytics and so on.

How to get XML sitemap for WordPress users?

You would not have to bother about to generate the XML sitemap because WordPress has lot of plugins which work for you. Here I choose SEO Yoast plugin, very easy to get XML sitemap through this plugin.

Go through the following steps and learn about to submit XML sitemap to Google search console.

1. Add and activate the Yoast SEO plugin, Once you activate click SEO –> XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap


2. Below screenshot will appear, in “General” tab make sure Check box is on for “Check this box to enable XML

sitemap functionality.



3. Click on “XML Sitemap‘ button. Its shows the structure of your site.



Submit XML sitemap to Google Console

For submitting sitemap we are using search console tool. Assuming that you have already verified your site to Google search console.

1. Make your login account with Google account. Login in with Google search console. Click on Add Property button.



2. Now enter URL of your site and click on “Continue



3. Click on  your URL like here,



4. Clicking on this “Crawl –> Sitemaps” and “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” button  brings up the below screen.



5. Enter the “Sitemap_index.xml” , you can check by click on “Test Sitemap” it should show message Test completed.  For new site blog might take time  appear index status on dashboard. Finally your sitemap get indexed which looks similar like below which shows all the information like submitted/indexed of webpage and images.

Also more link are available like Search traffic, Crawl error, Crawl status and so on. Check all and try to understand.



I hope above given steps described how to submit XML sitemap to Google search console and  also learned indexed your site.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/queries or if you have any other methods to submit the sitemaps.

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