Earn money through affiliated marketing

What is affiliated marketing ?

Affiliated marketing is an internet based  program to sell any  products or services as an advertiser/affiliated marketer via merchant’s site. Affiliated marketer act as an agent for merchant.

If Customer purchase any product by clicking on an advertisement  through advertiser’s site then affiliate receives some percentage of commission. Even affiliate can receive money click on merchant’s link only (generally gets lower commission). This is a power of internet through which earning money is possible.

Advertiser work for merchant by spending time on selling their product or services (per sale program). On the basis of  advertiser recommendation visitor buy the products or service.


Why to do affiliated marketing ?

Affiliated marketer can start business with very low investment. You don’t need to make your own product it means you are doing risk free business.

You can pick any product among thousand products. At any time you can switch to any product without loosing money. This one is the best benefit of doing affiliated marketing.

How to start affiliated marketing?

You will be thinking who can be affiliated marketers?…. it can be anyone who have own website or blog where he/she can promote any product for any particular merchant like Dreamhost web hosting, Plugmatter and so on .

Lets understand with simple example.

Amazon have many products which can promote through your site or blog like WordPress Book. You will get commission if customer buy from your SITE or BLOG (if you buy book from WordPress Book link, I will get commission). You will be thinking how it can be possible. let’s move ahead for further detail.

Here I am just taking Amazon as an example, but the concept will be same for any merchant site.


Amazon provide “Affiliate” option on their site or can directly open this link  https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

You can search affiliated link through google search, like : Amazon affiliate

After joining (it is free to sign up), Amazon provides you unique ID for tracking purpose.


After login when you get affiliated link of any product, your trackingID automatically add that link (may be you have to add unique ID manually for other merchant’s site). You can see in below image [techwebinfo is tracking ID provided by merchant]


When any customer buy this product, automatically you will get commission. Amazon can easily track your progress through Tracking ID or affiliated link.

Now you have understood how affiliated marketing works. In simple words you are a mediator between merchant and customer and selling merchant’s product through your site.

Its a kind of relationship between you and merchant where both gets benefits. It is a great technique along with skill to sell the products and generate money from internet.  Many affiliates sites earning handsome money from this business and their is no limit for anyone.

Benefits of Affiliated marketing

  1. It is the fastest and convenient way to make handsome money through online.
  2. Almost no investment require to start affiliated marketing business. (only have to pay for domain name registration and web hosting)
  3. Advantage of affiliated marketing is that you don’t have to worry about to create the product and services. Only have to select the product from merchant site and advertise it through affiliated link on your site.
  4. Comfortable online business, you have not to bother about the shipping of product, dealing money with client etc. In simple word you have to just focus on advertising the product.
  5. Earn money without your presence. Once your affiliated link appear on your site can be visit by anyone at any time. So you don’t need to be online for selling any product to your visitor. Only important is clicking on affiliated link and buy the product. Automatically the money will credited in your account.
  6. Get payment after selling product, doesn’t matter how did you sell.

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Final words, Affiliated marketing is highly earning money strategy which doesn’t require any special qualification. It requires hard work and internet marketing skills. It can’t make you overnight millionaire. So always keep patience and focus on your work only.

What do you think about affiliated marketing , share your views with us to make this blog more useful to other readers.


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