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Images on web page play an important role for presentation of any site. Combination of texts and images tell everything about the page and indeed readers take interest to read the content of your page. Always keep in mind about the content and related images while writing your post.

Now come to the second part which is important for any web owner, getting good rank is search engine. Don’t ignore image labeling because image searches is also another way to generate incoming traffic for your site. Blog traffic also comes from image search which can read by search engine via alt text. ALT text means Alternative text, giving information in text format to image for better understating to user and search engine.  So, always optimized your site images without any fail.

How to check ALT text of any image

Its very easy to check the ALT text for any image of any website, simply put cursor over the image should display text know as tooltip.


Add ALT for WordPress site

Today I will show you how to label your image through ALT option for WordPress sites because it allow you to add Title and ALT to your images after uploading.


Method 1

In “Insert Media”, after uploading image, you can see on the right side panel below “Caption”, “Alt Text” text box is given. Here you can add the alternative text for your image.


Metheod 2

After inserting image on the editor where you write your post. Click on that image, and then select pencil icon like in below image


After that it opens “Image Details” dialog box and here you can  enter the ALT text in “Alternative Text” text box. In this way you can set alt text for your site.


WordPress “SEO Friendly Images’ plugin

You can find lot of WordPress plugin which can help you to set ALT and Title attributes for your site. But SEO Friendly images is good WordPress plugin and easy to use their features.

Add ALT tag to image through HTML

<img src=”path of  image file” , alt=”about image”>

Through HTML code ALT tag can set for image.

Please let us know about your experience if you are using any plugin.

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